UntitledWelcome! Come in! Come in! Ignore the unsurety of whether or not I’m a complete nutter and make yourself comfortable, my friend. For you are here looking for entertainment and benevolent, lovely, incredible person that I am [cough, cough, hack] I’m going to deliver just that. Who is this stranger–not referring to regular readers who understand my complete mental instability–that greets with such open arms? Well, I’m glad you ask. See, I’m a facilitator in all things ridiculous. I’m incorrigible. I’m mischievous. And I’m an author. I write what I love and I love what I write. This [gesturing around website] is an extension of my beloved cave. Tis’ one of my happy places where I can keep you all updated on stories, give you peeks at said stories and fill you in on the insanity that runs amok in my world. Interested? Of course you are! Stay a while, I can’t promise you won’t regret it, my lawyer advises against claims that could find me before an appointed legal official [throat clear]…again but I can insure that I’ll do my best to always, leave an impression. Er…just hope its a good one!

Crazy hugs–emphasis on the crazy, Nikki Winter

What Inspires Nikki? Incredible food, amazing music and unforgettable scenery.