A Different Kind of Love Story…

Beautiful skyIf you’re not a friend or follower of mine on ye old social media, and only ever bother yourself to check my site and refresh my pages on various ebook outlets, (which is totally fine by the way, I’m a complete nut on Twitter) then you haven’t become privy to the news of my newest adventure in romance as of yet. Quite simply put I noticed a certain lack of diversity done by my own hands, an oversight I had a desired to fix after my extended break. I wanted to write black queer women falling in love. Healthy LGBT representation in romance isn’t always a priority; even less so for POC. It wasn’t a particularly hard decision. I write about lions & tigers & bears & dragons & gorgeous Iranian-American men who spank women over kitchen counters in the French Riviera (Hello, Kasper.) Continue reading


Winter Wednesday: Respect the name…

259af23eb644d57d588ba8abf21f57f0We lost a legend just a few short weeks ago. I, like many, shared my despair to see a master of machismo, a sultan of shade, a conqueror of tunes say farewell to a world that never truly deserved the beauty that he was. This is my brief, hilarious–in my humble opinion–dedication that sums up precisely how I felt about a man that was truly never a man at all… Continue reading

Winter Wednesday: Papa Bear

photo credit goes to http://www.chicagonow.com
photo credit goes to http://www.chicagonow.com

No, sadly one is not speaking of shifters on this fine day. You’ll have to settle for a run-of-the-mill Papa who’s gained quite the fanbase already. Take a look and you’ll see who it is I speak of…


The jingling of his phone as his car took off through Buckhead drew an annoyed sigh from him that immediately stopped at the sight of Mackenzie and Arista’s faces pressed together as they poked out their lips and crossed their eyes. He answered on the second ring. Continue reading

Covers, stories, re-releases oh my!

As some may have noticed, previous tales that were once up on third party sites and here at nikkiwinter.com have now disappeared. I made the announcement a few days ago that they would be returning fully remodeled just as “What a Bear Wants” has. However, I know there are questions about upcoming releases and books that are a bit behind in schedule. Because of my shift from traditional publishing houses to self publishing things have been a bit hectic and a few of the stories that were set to debut have been pushed back. This includes: Beastly Urges, Ashes to Ashes and Embers in Our Midst. Don’t panic, as I get re-releases up and running, I swear I will be bringing those  for your enjoyment. Also, I’ve noticed that Beastly Desires has had some formatting issues with a few buyers on Amazon and I will be fixing that for a re-upload so everyone can enjoy the story in all its glory. Happy Holidays everyone and Happy Reading!