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Blurb: It was a small lie, really. Nearly white because of how minuscule she intended it to be. And yet Kairo Maftah’s small, nearly white, very minuscule lie had managed to turn into something large and pink and pachyderm shaped in silhouette. One might’ve asked how and she might’ve been inclined to say, “Oh, my knob of a younger brother has taken it upon himself to get tied in a matrimonial union with my ex-girlfriend who I really shouldn’t call names—but I do it anyway because what the f$&@?!—and I may have roped my best friend into playing my newest love interest at their ceremony because I don’t want to look pathetic and alone and Audrey Hart, that’s my best friend, is such an amazing person that she’s agreed to spend a couple weeks of her vacation days here in Queensland convincing everyone we’re in love. But she kind of doesn’t know I really am in love with’er so I have to pretend I know how to function on a basic human level past grunts and happy sighs when she’s around. Did you get all of that? I hope so because I really don’t feel like repeating it.” That would have been a ridiculous response to that question right? Right?


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Blurb: From the moment Numa Carter met the man who would be a driving force behind the success of her band, she placed her label’s A&R director firmly in the “no touching the pretty thing” category. She’d kept her mouth moving with lyrics and her hands strumming her guitar. Raffish, mischievous, gorgeous and deliciously, subtly savage, Kasper Gilani wasn’t the easiest individual to ignore, but for almost four long years she’d managed. She had no way of knowing that pristine record would soon be disrupted by a spontaneous, drunken decision made in the throes of heartbreak. A night in Vegas and a need for comfort from someone who wasn’t her lying, cheating, scum-of-the-Earth ex-fiance, placed her between a rock and a hard place. The rock being a marriage license with her signature scrawled across it.The hard place? Well…did Kasper’s entire being count? It had to count, right? Hard. All over. Him. At his insistence that there will be no voiding their impromptu matrimony, Numa soon learns that though she has been ardently upholding her rules about hands and touching and pretty things, Kasper is hell-bent on stripping her bare of all reservations. With every encounter, every kiss, every touch, and every passionate word, she becomes more and more aware of how naked she truly is in his presence. And in spite of herself, the sordid turns of circumstance and a fear of the unknown Numa determines that she can’t be any other way…


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Blurb: Ashleigh Thyne was a man haunted by a bevy of things, most of them the hollow echo of memories he’d buried long ago. The other ghosts rattling the frame of his bed at night consisted of his ex-fiance Mackenzie Rogan’s unshakable image and the sound of their daughter’s laughter. For three years he’s tried and failed at compartmentalizing the day that she packed up every possession she had and left him. Polite, distant and aloof had become the basis of their relationship. But with each phone call and holiday spent together, accompanied by dreams that leave tents in his sheets come morning, Ashleigh begins to realize that polite, distant and aloof aren’t working anymore. Adding insult to injury is Mackenzie’s engagement to someone that Ashleigh hates on principle alone. What’s a man to do when the first and only woman he’ll ever love is attempting to replace him and his pride is finally on its last leg? Ashleigh doesn’t know, but he’ll be damned if he allows someone else to claim what belongs solely to him and always will. After all, barbarians weren’t exactly known for giving up without a fight, now were they?


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Blurb: Sansone Sultana has a problem. A problem that stands just a few scant inches over 5 feet and carries his surname. 3 years into a marginally unholy matrimony and his wife is on the warpath for a baby; a baby that he’s all too happy to oblige her with. However, there seems to be a bit of a hiccup in their plans. Mother Nature isn’t feeling particularly forthcoming with the creation of life using–what he considers to be–the perfect blend of their genes. With every failed pregnancy test, Nyssa’s quiet resilience transforms into a frightening determination that quickly makes him feel as though he’s nothing more than a walking reproductive organ in her eyes. When things begin to spiral in their bedroom he decides that a plan of action must be thought out and executed. Said plan has one thick, black bottom line–showing Nyssa that sex simply for pleasure is a still a thing while reminding her that he’s more than capable of delivering.


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Blurb: Beauty and The Brawler: Luciano “The Philly Brawler” Antonelli wasn’t one unaccustomed to fighting. Throwing his fists the majority of his life to better his existence had simply become a fundamental part of his day to day routine. It won him fights as a homeless little street urchin, it warned others not to test the ability of his restraint and it even garnered him a championship belt in the ring as a boxer. However, after one night spent with the woman he’s wanted from the first moment he heard the low, sweet, cadence of her voice, Luciano quickly realizes his brawn won’t gain him any ground in dealing with Samara Blackwell. Lucky for him, it seems that his successful seduction tactics have worked. Perhaps a little too well… Now he’s thinking up lullabies and trying to determine how to convince the radio star that he wants her for more than just the life resting on the inside of her ever growing belly. If the behavior of his obstinate little media queen is any indication than it just might be time to step into the ring once again. He’s never backed down from a fight before and he’s not about to start now…

Flaws and All: Two months without sex has left Luciano Antonelli on the proverbial edge of sanity as the need for his wife’s touch, kiss, and scent wears on him constantly.Giving her body extra time to heal after the birth of their newest addition seemed like such a noble gesture at one point…until he realized the consequences of said nobility. And now the night has come where he can finally get his hands, mouth, tongue and other, less gentlemanly, parts all over her. There seems to be one problem. His bella has the ridiculous theory that his attraction to her has faded in the midst of a few added pounds. What Samara Antonelli clearly doesn’t comprehend is that he finds even her preconceived flaws blindingly beautiful. Ah, but she will. Because he intends to show her over and over and over again…


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Blurb: Unrequited love sounded so cliché when it came to describing what Sansone Sultana felt for his business partner and best friend Nyssa Blackwell. Yet, it seemed to be the only viable option of words. When you spent the majority of your time staring at a woman and wondering if you could get away with bending her over your desk without being slapped ugly, there wasn’t much else you could use to characterize your feelings. But when Nyssa slips up on the night of her birthday, giving Sansone a taste of the sweetest mouth he’s ever known after one too many, he finds himself questioning if his silent adoration is truly as unreciprocated as he thought. A man recognized for his voracious predatory instincts in their profession, he can’t very well let this slide through his fingers, now can he? After all, he isn’t called The Barracuda for nothing…

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Blurb: Konstantine Vetrov is pretty sure he’s made it abundantly clear that he only has one woman in mind to carry his progeny and take his name. Or so he thought until he landed back in White Plains, New York, six years after traveling abroad for his father’s company and finally realized that said woman is completely oblivious to his feelings. Harper Sweet is the end all, be all for him; the beginning and the end. The one. He’s not satisfied with their twenty-odd years of friendship staying firmly in the zone where he doesn’t get to touch and kiss and hold her inappropriately. Which means what exactly? That it’s time for him to show Harper the sweetest thing between them is not simply her culinary creations but all the possibilities left unexplored between them…

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