The Town With No Nikki.

cropped-untitled-0011.jpgI won’t bore you with my greetings or usual silliness because if you’re reading this then it is more than likely you’re wondering where I disappeared to for the bottom half of 2017. It’s quite simple really–I was hiding under my bed. Listen, people, I have made it no secret that like many other writers & artists I battle with depression & anxiety. (They love me. I’m their favorite pudding face author) So it should come as no surprise that 2017 got really intense, really quickly for me. There are details that I shall not share because, hey, I am entitled to being crazy privately, but man oh man shit got reeeaaalll. The folks in my head with claws & fangs & magical abilities & huge bank accounts & star potential went so silent that the quiet was deafening and more than anything I needed their clamoring chatter to drown out the rest of the world. It did not come. I vacationed. I slept. I ate at many restaurants (yay for not being able to fit my favorite jeggings anymore!) I listened to music. I binge watched shows that I would fight you for insulting (see numerous tweets about Xena) And yet, it did not come. I wept. I prayed. I cuddled my dog. And yet, (you see where I’m going with this.) I had been abandoned by the beloved personas that kept me slightly more sane than my religious beliefs. It saddened me. Felt like a fall from grace. And the works that I had doled out before the crash of my word conquering? I wasn’t satisfied with them. I didn’t love them. I didn’t hate them. I was dispassionate. It bled over into so many other areas and a spiral began that I recognized as a lack of self-care. So I bowed out. I silenced myself on Facebook & Twitter and closed MS word. I decided I needed a break. I took one. There was a lot of healing to be done. There still is if I’m being completely honest. But allowing myself to breathe & think & be nonsensical brought a cacophony of sound echoing back into the dark fathomless cave that is my creative mind. And here I am. A little bruised but not damaged; a little bent but not broken. I have returned to deliver quality laughs given by quality content. I have releases in mind and a steely determination to see them done; to see my characters flourish once more. I am back. And I truly believe I’m better than ever.

–Nikki signing in.

Covers, stories, re-releases oh my!

As some may have noticed, previous tales that were once up on third party sites and here at have now disappeared. I made the announcement a few days ago that they would be returning fully remodeled just as “What a Bear Wants” has. However, I know there are questions about upcoming releases and books that are a bit behind in schedule. Because of my shift from traditional publishing houses to self publishing things have been a bit hectic and a few of the stories that were set to debut have been pushed back. This includes: Beastly Urges, Ashes to Ashes and Embers in Our Midst. Don’t panic, as I get re-releases up and running, I swear I will be bringing those  for your enjoyment. Also, I’ve noticed that Beastly Desires has had some formatting issues with a few buyers on Amazon and I will be fixing that for a re-upload so everyone can enjoy the story in all its glory. Happy Holidays everyone and Happy Reading!

Where the hell is Nikki’s stuff?!

Hello good people! If you’ve been glancing about the site or my amazon page then you’ll notice a distinct difference, there are several stories missing! Oh noooo! Not to worry, not to worry. I promise there is a sensible reason for this. Nikki’s works are getting an overhaul which includes re-editing, re-formatting and brand new covers from the lovely Bree Archer. Therefore, if something is gone, do not be afraid, for it shall be back in due time. This I promise!

Because this needed to happen…

I’ve been writing over the last few weeks. Little things, big things, things that make my hands tired and my eyes sleepy feeling. But there’s been no real push, no real motivation, no real pulse to any of the words. I wouldn’t say I’ve been going through the motions necessarily but I have definitely been a bit robotic. And then today, something was shared with me by a friend. Something that clutched my heart and squeezed. Something that brought tears to my eyes. I have moments where I’m moved to cry but this was different. They weren’t joyful or laughter filled. They were devastated. Continue reading


Its always a dark day for an author when the very thing they’ve been cultivating into what they hoped would be incredible simply halts on them; freezing quicker than a teenage boy when asked why they’ve been spending so much time in the shower. (sigh) Seems that day is here for myself and the epic storyline struggle that has been taking place in “What a Bear Needs.” My hope was that I’d have it finished and out by the end of this month and yet…my characters seem to not really care about my feelings. (throwing up hands) Why has thou forsaken me?! Dramatic moment over. As of right now, I’ll be taking a bit of a hiatus from the Wilder pack to focus on other tales and once I feel that I’ve sufficiently rested, cleared my head of all the boar-rage and canine shenanigans, I’ll get back on the proverbial shetland pony. In the meantime, I hope everyone can be just a wee bit more patient than I am at the moment. Besides, who knows what I may be able to produce during the break? (eyebrow waggle) I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

New Year, New Home!


Hello hello! Welcome to the new space! I like to think I did a decent job shaping it up but there’s always room for improvement right? ‘Course there is! Now before the angry hisses and demands to know where Maddox and Cree are or Kaisal and Kamali–for those who are unaware of my recent tiger/lioness mix up, you can find an excerpt here–I can explain what I’ve been up to! Well…sort of explain. See…what had happened was…um, I found myself drawn to other stories such as a particular sports agent with a slight hair obsession and a love for his best friend (coughs) Sansone… and a few of the other incredibly mental people running around in my head. Not to mention, I’m currently planning a line of swag with t-shirts, tote bags etc etc. I have Weyward Thoughts up and running with my partners in all things nefarious. And I’m trying to get my life together before the third annual Beautiful Trouble Publishing Meet and Greet!  Continue reading