Winter Wednesday: Respect the name…

259af23eb644d57d588ba8abf21f57f0We lost a legend just a few short weeks ago. I, like many, shared my despair to see a master of machismo, a sultan of shade, a conqueror of tunes say farewell to a world that never truly deserved the beauty that he was. This is my brief, hilarious–in my humble opinion–dedication that sums up precisely how I felt about a man that was truly never a man at all… Continue reading

Singing it from the rooftops!

med_what_a_bear_needs_final_large“What a Bear Needs” is now complete and well on its way to all the behind the scenes sobbing, editing and raging that happens once one finishes a 55k story! If you’d like to get it upon its immediate December 5th 2014 release this winter, then please, by all means, pre-order now! Available on Amazon!

It’s the eye of the…

Med_BeastlyDesires-001No. We’re not doing that today. None of Nikki’s weird anecdotes or that freakish humming or those strange moments she has when she just bursts into a scene verbally before writing it down. Today is about me, my friends. Oh who am I, you ask? (sigh) I’m the reason why Nikki–also known as the source of why I’m not currently indulging in back scratching, ear biting, snarling haberdashery with my mate–has been a bit….on edge lately. She apparently had these preconceived notions about feline behavior and thought that she could occupy my attention with a few pats on the head and compliments about my beauty. Unfortunately, she was wrong. And do you know why she was wrong? Because I am demanding goddammit! I want what I want when I want it and when I don’t get it the roaring starts. Before you begin your judging–she’s informed me that a few of you regularly do that–allow me to state that I’ve spent the majority of my lifetime outrunning my demons and casting off new ones. Continue reading

What a Bear Wants

 ARE_WhatABearWantsAhoy hoy!–took that from Bills, don’t tell her. I’ve got a treat for you lovely people. A peek into my newest tale, “What a Bear Wants.” I’m going to be candidly honest when I say this story was the source of angst, laughter, frustration and many, many rants from mine mouth to the ears of my two partners in crime at Weyward Thoughts. They have no choice but to listen to me, I force feed them my neurosis. But I’ve discovered something rather wonderful, even the stories that make you just a bit insane will always have a special place inside the beating thing that pumps blood. With that being said, here’s an excerpt that involves a bear, a wolf, and his lack of wardrobe… Continue reading