Welcome To My House

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Welcome to Townsville, Queensland, AU. A place of grand beauty. A place of fantastic adventure. A place where women lie to their younger siblings about having a date to their wedding because they refuse to spend their night with naught but champagne flutes and sadness! You’ve seen the blurb and you get the gist, no go enjoy the funny!  Continue reading

A Different Kind of Love Story…

Beautiful skyIf you’re not a friend or follower of mine on ye old social media, and only ever bother yourself to check my site and refresh my pages on various ebook outlets, (which is totally fine by the way, I’m a complete nut on Twitter) then you haven’t become privy to the news of my newest adventure in romance as of yet. Quite simply put I noticed a certain lack of diversity done by my own hands, an oversight I had a desired to fix after my extended break. I wanted to write black queer women falling in love. Healthy LGBT representation in romance isn’t always a priority; even less so for POC. It wasn’t a particularly hard decision. I write about lions & tigers & bears & dragons & gorgeous Iranian-American men who spank women over kitchen counters in the French Riviera (Hello, Kasper.) Continue reading

Now This Is A Story…

xLarge-BeautyAndTheBrawlerAll about how…No, no, I’m not rapping. That is not happening. Why? Because its too early and I’d never have anyone visit my blog ever again…like ever. Now, on to more important manners! Did yah miss me? Who are we kidding of course you did!!! Why? Because the sunshine that is me is quite pleasant no? Yes! I owe you people an explanation as to what it is you’re currently witnessing to the left of your lovely screen. Shara made me do it! No, seriously, the woman’s a menace! She harasses, she bribes, she threatens to MDK the whole east coast–eventually, you count your losses and just give in, too afraid to pull out of the garage in the morning. Seriously…she frightens me.

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