Who am I?


Bio: When Nikki wrote her first story in the tenth grade with the help of a pen, three packs of correction tape and a small, completely non-creepy obsession with cowboys, she knew she was destined for greatness. Now if she could just convince everyone else... Her days were spent guarding her notebooks with her life, and her nights were spent continuing a love affair with insomnia. Eventually, just a bit disgusted with the traditional love story, she took a dive into the deep waters of romance with a not-so-gentle or subtle push by a beloved mentor. These days she's taken the time to polish what she refers to as her "writing superiority." She hopes that the tales she creates will grab the reader's attention, and make them devoted slaves to her will...er, fans. If you want to let her know just how absolutely, positively awesome she is, you can always e-mail her at nikkiwinter19@gmail.com, friend her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/nikkiwinter19, like her fan page at Author Nikki Winter or follow her on twitter @pyro_nikki.

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