Welcome To My House

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Welcome to Townsville, Queensland, AU. A place of grand beauty. A place of fantastic adventure. A place where women lie to their younger siblings about having a date to their wedding because they refuse to spend their night with naught but champagne flutes and sadness! You’ve seen the blurb and you get the gist, no go enjoy the funny! 





“You’re no better than Sudi.”

“Who you’ve unfairly named after the jib jub.”

“He affixes his hips to anything that stands still long enough, I’d say the name was apropos.”

Antar chuckled at that. “I’m getting antsy. You think they’ve taxied yet?”

Kairo glanced at the gate as people began to pour out of it. She grabbed the sign she’d written, ‘Hold on to your butts’ on and stood. “Looks like it already happened.”

“Color me excited,” her cousin murmured, watching the crowd as intently as she was. Suddenly, he straightened. “Gods above…”

Those lowly gritted words made Kairo’s brows arc over her specs as her eyes found what had gotten his attention so quickly. Once discovered, her mouth hitched up in what she knew to be a crooked grin as she watched a rather short individual with over-sized shades come lagging through behind other passengers. A beanie with the word “Flawless” covered her head, accompanied by an over-sized muscle shirt, cotton shorts, tube socks that were pulled hilariously high up her calfs and Puma slides. About her waist sat a sweatshirt and her small hands grasped the straps of a backpack that was comically too large for her small yet lavish frame.

“She’s a step away from pigmy, ain’t she?” Antar offered with a short laugh.

Kairo joined, staring on as Audrey’s head swiveled to and fro in search of her. “Yo, elfin one! Eyes upward,” she called out. “Might find the adults faster.”

Though her sunglasses hid half of her face well enough, she felt the penetration of that aggravated glare well when she finally calculated where Kairo stood. The scowl was adorably menacing.

“Lick. Me,” Audrey mouthed coming forward, only stopping when she spotted the sign. Her features softened into some semblance of a smile and Kairo knew she’d done at least one thing right.

The other woman’s steps were unhurried when she proceeded her way again, and she suddenly felt like someone was slowly peeling a wax strip from her underarm when she needed them to simply rip the feckin’ thing off.

That boggling sensation of impatience came to an abrupt halt as Antar stumbled in front of her, practically blacking out the sun with the size of his head, and offered up his sacrifices of worship. “Antar Maftah, I’m in love with you. How’d you like to drop my joey?”

From behind, Kairo hit him with the sign. She then kept hitting him until he finally sat down and shut up. When she turned back around from her marginal blackout of rage, Audrey was there, her shades gone to reveal stunningly wide brown eyes that were watery from hysterical laughter.

She took a deep breath. “That one’s an infection that’s been diagnosed as family.”

Audrey’s amusement finally quieted while she gazed up at her, sharply angled face split into a silly expression. “The generous affection you just exhibited makes that very obvious, Roo.”

Having not been in her friend’s presence for far too long, she barked, “Gonna keep dragging the chain or jump into my arms with the joyous enthusiasm I expect?”

“Yelling does not motivate me.”

“You’ve got a few seconds before I grab your short arse by the ankles and turn you over like a newborn babe.”

Something akin to interest lit her stare. “Gonna spank me too?”

God forgive the twitch of her nipples. Dangerous thoughts. Horrible thoughts.

“Leave your kink on American soils, fifty shades, and embrace me like I’ve just returned from the gallows.”

Audrey loosened her entire form as though she were being asked to do something unseemly and muttered, “If I must.”

Kairo’s lips twitched. Reaching out, she caught Audrey by the shoulders and brought her into her chest. Her arms banded around the smaller body, comfortably clutching. Even after nearly thirty-six hours of travel she smelled of sweet things that made her bury her face into that ridiculous beanie and draw in an unreasonably long inhale.

“Hello youse,” she whispered against her temple.

Her hug was fiercely returned. “What it do, tall and saucy?”

“Happy to see you up close,” Kairo said, removing herself.


“And I—” Antar started from behind them.

“—will continue your new-found silence before I tell customs you’ve got crack smuggled up your bum.”


“Quiet, obnoxious asshat!”

Antar sat back, arms folded marginally over her stupid gifts.

Audrey’s eyes danced mischievously. “Don’t be rude to my beloved.”

“Do not encourage him,” Kairo huffed out as Antar made a noise of satisfaction.

“Man’s brought me flowers and cuddly things. What’ve you done but call me short?”

“I haven’t snatched your hat off and revealed the mess beneath it.”

Her cousin shoved her aside and put an arm about Audrey’s shoulders before the other woman could give the indignant response Kairo saw coming. “Ignore her, darling girl. She’s in a mood because she’s coming face to face with her inadequacies. Shall we go collect your luggage and discuss brunch plans while I softly touch your face?”

“I think I’d like that,” the runt answered, keeping in step with Antar’s longer strides.

Kairo’s previously tamed twitch returned with vengeance in mind and she reminded herself that murdering someone in broad daylight would leave Sudi without a nonjudgmental parent who wouldn’t know how to manage his sexual proclivities.


A Drop in The Ocean coming soon! 

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