What Happens in Vegas…

NakedInSpiteOfOurselves-BandNSo I wrote a contemporary story. A new contemporary story. A new contemporary story that starts a new series about a band that you’ve heard of before if you’ve paid attention to my previous contemporary stories. Whew. That was a mouthful eh? Let me save us both the trouble…

Blurb: From the moment Numa Carter met the man who would be a driving force behind the success of her band, she placed her label’s A&R director firmly in the “no touching the pretty thing” category. She’d kept her mouth moving with lyrics and her hands strumming her guitar. Raffish, mischievous, gorgeous and deliciously, subtly savage, Kasper Gilani wasn’t the easiest individual to ignore, but for almost four long years she’d managed. She had no way of knowing that pristine record would soon be disrupted by a spontaneous, drunken decision made in the throes of heartbreak. A night in Vegas and a need for comfort from someone who wasn’t her lying, cheating, scum-of-the-Earth ex-fiance, placed her between a rock and a hard place. The rock being a marriage license with her signature scrawled across it.The hard place? Well…did Kasper’s entire being count? It had to count, right? Hard. All over. Him. At his insistence that there will be no voiding their impromptu matrimony, Numa soon learns that though she has been ardently upholding her rules about hands and touching and pretty things, Kasper is hell-bent on stripping her bare of all reservations. With every encounter, every kiss, every touch, and every passionate word, she becomes more and more aware of how naked she truly is in his presence. And in spite of herself, the sordid turns of circumstance and a fear of the unknown Numa determines that she can’t be any other way…



“If you were any closer to the door you’d be ghost riding,” he told her.

Numa shot him a look from beneath her lashes. “I’m comfortable.”

“No, you’re evading.”


“You’re still wearing the flower,” he interrupted, reaching over to remove it from her hair.

“You told me not to go—and I quote—‘messing with it.’” She took it back from him and pushed it behind her ear once more.

“You seem awfully attached to it.”

“I’m not.”

“But you left it.”

“Because I like this particular flower.”

“Why?” Kasper demanded.

“Why what?”

“Why do you like that particular flower?”

Numa crossed her legs and arms, eyeing him. “Is there something that you need me to say? Something you need me to tell you?”

He propped his arm onto the back of the seat. “Only what I asked you.”

“You’re obsessing,” she pointed out.

Kasper nodded. “Yes, I am.”

Looking away, she sighed. “What do you want from me?”

“For you to stop asking me questions and answer mine. Why did you leave the flower?” He was pushing her. He needed to hear the words. He needed to see how hard of an uphill battle he’d have when it pertained to them. “Numa?”

“Because you gave it to me!” She looked at him then, her hazel irises glittering with exasperation and a little fear. “Because you gave it to me.”

If his dick extended any more he’d be touching his own kneecap. “All right.”

All right?”

He inclined his head and repeated himself. “All right.”

She scoffed a bit, turning to watch the Vegas lights as their driver navigated the roads. “Fucking men. Ego driven, all of you. You need worship to function like basic human beings.”

“You’re right,” he acquiesced. “We do.” And then as she moved to look at him, he released the button on his jacket. “So allow me to wrangle a bit of said worship from you.”

Before she could say another word, he had her pulled across the seats and straddling his thighs. Numa gasped and he took that exact opportunity to ravage her mouth, the very mouth that had been tempting him from the day he’d laid eyes on her. Her lips parted and he gave a full assault, teasing and nipping and sucking. She tasted of the Bellini she’d been drinking; the alcohol sliding across his tongue the moment it met hers. Her hands seemed unsure of what to do exactly, resting awkwardly on his shoulders and then they were in his hair, unbinding it as she ran her short, manicured nails through the strands, lightly scratching his scalp.

He found her waist with his palms, spanning the toned softness of her belly with his fingers before he moved them downwards and grasped both halves of her delicious ass. Kasper caught her sigh of pleasure as their groins aligned and met. The pebbled brush of her nipples against his shirt made a growl rise and tumble forth. Desperation propelled him into pulling away from the sweetness of her mouth and jerking at the small tie around her neck, releasing the fabric of her jumpsuit. When it fell forward, revealing stiffened chocolate tips, the left one topped with a small gold barbell while the right held a tattooed music note on its outer curve, he prayed for strength.


Interested? Good. Good. The official release date of “Naked In Spite of Ourselves” is March 7th. It is available at both Amazon & ARe for 1.99 until it’s release. Then the price goes up to 3.99 so hop to, people!

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