“We come from over the dark horizon sky…”

Large_ashes_to_ashes_final-002*That stare. He’d never forget that fucking stare. It would haunt him until his last breath, until he had nothing else to offer this world. She looked at him as though he were a stranger, as though he’d never held her, kissed her, touched her in ways that made her scream to every god that had once walked the earth. It pierced him, crumbling every ounce of confidence he’d gained, every millimeter of leeway she’d given. “That’s my punishment, Catori,” he told her softly. “Knowing that I can never bandage that wound. I can never heal it. I can never make it right. But I am begging you,” he dropped to his knees and spread his arms. “Fucking. Begging. You not to walk away from me because I swear to God I will tear this world apart and cause another continental drift before I let you go. Don’t make me do that. Don’t make me shed the last bit of humanity I have left. I love you that goddamned much that I’ll do it to prove how completely, senselessly, hopelessly devoted to you I am and I’ll regret nothing when I’m done. Absolutely. Nothing.”*


One is feeling in a particularly good mood as of late. Er…okay that was a lie. I’m feeling verbally violent and more than willing to end fictional characters which works in my favor as I am currently delving back into a world full of roaring and claws. A world of dragons. Just about two weeks ago I debuted the rewrite of Burn for Me complete with new scenes, mysteries and personas. And now here I am involving myself with one Ryker Anosov and Catori Akita all over again. Can’t seem to stay away from those two which is why I’ve not only extended their original story but I’ve made it into a full blown trilogy and the first in the series is now on sale for .99 at both ARe and Amazon. Moreover I have premeired the newest cover and a tiny glimpse of a certain pale eyed behemoth’s thoughts. Be sure to keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled good people. I have more surprises coming and they all include something very…beastly…


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