Release the Dragon!

ARE_burn_for_me_finalAt this very moment its a little ways past midnight (scheduled posts are amazing) and I am shining with mischievous glee because I’ve managed to do something that I didn’t think I would complete in the time frame I had planned–finish Burn for Me, get it edited, formatted and posted all before Monday morning. Of course you, the reader, are tilting your head and saying, “But Nikki, you didn’t say when…” You’re absolutely correct! I didn’t say when, on purpose! Why? Because I wanted to see what I could accomplish without pressure, without anxiety and without worry. I had none of those while bringing this tale to life and I wanted it to remain that way. Now it is time to finally give those who have been waiting on baited breath what they were looking for. I bring you, Burn for Me (Second Edition) which is now available on ARe and Amazon!






Pity wasn’t welcome here, Ryker reminded himself. Despite his need to give her soft touches and whispers, gentle smiles and coddling, she didn’t want it. She’d never want it. To Catori it meant being weak, vulnerable, to someone who she wasn’t even sure she could trust. So, he wouldn’t give her that. He wouldn’t test those boundaries and see if he could make the sadness behind those enthralling eyes disappear, just yet. He’d wait. Ryker would wait as long as he fucking had to because, that was what his beast demanded and he was old enough to take his lessons and learn from them.

So instead, he stuffed his hands down into his pockets, rocked back on his heels and said, “For someone who doesn’t want pity, you’re crowing a sob worthy monologue, cupcake.”

Her eyes narrowed slightly and Ryker bit back a smile. That’s right, baby.

“Face it, love. You’re a dragon. You can’t change it. You can’t keep suppressing it and you can’t make it go away. That. Is. What. You. Are.” He raked his eyes down her form. “And you feel it. The pulse of power just beneath your skin. That extra spike in your senses that leaves you in wonder. The other side, the primal one, which tempts you into giving into those darker inclinations, those things you won’t say out loud. It’s carnal, its savage, it’s completely raw and you know—you know that if you give in, just once, it will encompass everything you thought you understood about yourself. You fear drowning in it. You fear surviving it. It haunts you. It’s always haunted you and now that you can’t outrun it any longer, you want to outrun me but I’m not here to play your Fairy Godmother, Catori. I’m not here to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be alright.” He stepped towards her. “I’m your awakening. I’m the harbinger of your beast.” Another step. “I’m the one who’s going to release your brutality and twist you until you flex into something that will make grown men beg for God’s mercy.” Ryker watched the muscles in her throat work. “You will be bestial, brute, ferine and utterly bloodthirsty.” Reaching out, he palmed her throat. “And you will be mine. Completely and totally mine in all the best ways. Ways that you can’t even conceive. I will never let you go under without anchoring you. I will never allow you to take a leap off that cliff without the assurance that I’ll be at the bottom waiting to catch you. No, Catori I am not here to hold your hand and tell you everything will be alright. I’m simply here to hold your hand. I’m simply here to tell you that what and who you are is nothing to be ashamed of for the hell of it. Your ferocity won’t detract from your human nature, your compassion or all the wonderful little idiosyncrasies that make you so, fucking beautiful. It makes you worthy of what you carry in that heart of yours. It makes you worthy to handle a barbarian with little to no softness left. And it honors me that out of all the women, in all of the world that the gods could’ve chosen for me, they chose you.”

She didn’t speak for the longest time, seemingly searching for the right thing to say. And then suddenly, she gripped his hand and squeezed his fingers with a hoarse sounding, “Thank you,” leaving her lips.

“You’re not alone,” he murmured, angling until their foreheads touched. “You don’t ever have to be alone.”

Giving him a curt nod, she released his hand and backed away. Catori cleared her throat. “I’m going to um…call Jace and the cleanup and then we can go someplace and talk.”

It was his turn to nod. “Alright.”

When she walked away, he found himself staring after her. Not because he wanted to watch her ass or even because from her one touch his dick was more rigid than a school marm whose husband had left her for their Puerto Rican pool boy. Ryker watched her because it was beginning to settle in on him that this woman, this ridiculous, strong, insanely sexy woman was his

Fuck. Me.




Here’s to hoping you enjoy the rebirth of my dragons!


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