It’s the eye of the…

Med_BeastlyDesires-001No. We’re not doing that today. None of Nikki’s weird anecdotes or that freakish humming or those strange moments she has when she just bursts into a scene verbally before writing it down. Today is about me, my friends. Oh who am I, you ask? (sigh) I’m the reason why Nikki–also known as the source of why I’m not currently indulging in back scratching, ear biting, snarling haberdashery with my mate–has been a bit….on edge lately. She apparently had these preconceived notions about feline behavior and thought that she could occupy my attention with a few pats on the head and compliments about my beauty. Unfortunately, she was wrong. And do you know why she was wrong? Because I am demanding goddammit! I want what I want when I want it and when I don’t get it the roaring starts. Before you begin your judging–she’s informed me that a few of you regularly do that–allow me to state that I’ve spent the majority of my lifetime outrunning my demons and casting off new ones. I’m your typical pride male.I torment my sibling and younger cousin, I piss off my parents and I sleep when I’m not hunting or listening to classical music to stem some of my…baser urges. But beneath that, behind it, lies a man who carries the weight of past decisions; decisions I’m not proud of. And yet somehow, someway, Nikki managed to create someone specifically tailored to my needs and I to hers. Someone who has demons of her own, someone who silences mine the moment she smiles. I find myself enamored with that smile, with the softness of her skin and the steel in her glittering eyes. At the core of that steel lies my new reason for being, my reason for fighting, my reason for pushing aside everything else–her son. I’ve never been one particularly fascinated with the idea of a family of my own. As the dominant male of my pride, the son of a man who’s shoes are far too large to fill and the tiger who has a reputation for knowing where the bodies are buried I didn’t believe I deserved that honor. At least not until I found myself face to face with a lioness who’s light exceeds the darkness I’ve been enveloped in. At least not until I heard the laughter of a cub who has the solemn wisdom of a Devi and the open heart of a true innocent. At least not until I fell in love with the same lioness and cub who are in the midst of running from a group of individuals looking to smother that light and that laughter. Still need to know who I am? My name is Kaisal Verochka, dominant male of the Colorado Verochka Pride, mate to Kamali Ara Oriade, father of Callum Bem Oriade and the one who will massacre those pursuing what I now consider mine…


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