New Year, New Home!


Hello hello! Welcome to the new space! I like to think I did a decent job shaping it up but there’s always room for improvement right? ‘Course there is! Now before the angry hisses and demands to know where Maddox and Cree are or Kaisal and Kamali–for those who are unaware of my recent tiger/lioness mix up, you can find an excerpt here–I can explain what I’ve been up to! Well…sort of explain. See…what had happened was…um, I found myself drawn to other stories such as a particular sports agent with a slight hair obsession and a love for his best friend (coughs) Sansone… and a few of the other incredibly mental people running around in my head. Not to mention, I’m currently planning a line of swag with t-shirts, tote bags etc etc. I have Weyward Thoughts up and running with my partners in all things nefarious. And I’m trying to get my life together before the third annual Beautiful Trouble Publishing Meet and Greet! If you’re not there, you’re going to miss out on something that has slowly developed into an inferno of sinful fun and hilarity. Therefore, don’t judge me too harshly if I’m silent for days on end. For I am working to bring you all wonderful stories, wonderful products and my smiling face come June. (grins) See? Don’t you want to witness that in person? Wait…did you actually just hesitate? I’m thoroughly offended. No really, my feelings are hurt. Violin music is playing and I’m quietly weeping…Oooh wait Dracula is on and I do have that redbox DVD that I picked up earlier. And cheese! As Billy would say, “Mmm cheese…” Yeah, totally over my offense now. Fed up with my ramblings? Meh, me too. (sigh) I suppose I should write. Especially since there is an extremely impatient tiger male roaring at me right now. Rude! Off I go to spray him with questionable liquid mixtures!

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