What a Bear Wants

 ARE_WhatABearWantsAhoy hoy!–took that from Bills, don’t tell her. I’ve got a treat for you lovely people. A peek into my newest tale, “What a Bear Wants.” I’m going to be candidly honest when I say this story was the source of angst, laughter, frustration and many, many rants from mine mouth to the ears of my two partners in crime at Weyward Thoughts. They have no choice but to listen to me, I force feed them my neurosis. But I’ve discovered something rather wonderful, even the stories that make you just a bit insane will always have a special place inside the beating thing that pumps blood. With that being said, here’s an excerpt that involves a bear, a wolf, and his lack of wardrobe…


There was a bear on her porch. Not a teddy bear with a top hat and dead eyes…but an actual bear…sitting there. Fifteen hundred pounds of grizzly ass was calmly resting against the strong wood of her front steps and Fallon didn’t know whether to turn and run away or attempt to find Gladys. She did neither; she just stood there, staring.

When that started to bore her, she calmly folded her arms across her chest and asked, “Is there something you’re trying to communicate to me by doing this?” Clearly it always had to be the extreme with Ransom and it was obvious that the big bastard noticed she’d been going out of her way to stay away from him over the last few days. Fallon figured she’d be able to keep the routine up since his week at Wilder Lodge was almost up and their supposed meeting wouldn’t be until Friday. She’d been disappearing early in the morning and coming back as late as possible; making sure to stay out of sight and out of mind.

It was almost three a.m. The rest of the Lodge silent as every predator returned to their respective cabins; any hunting or mating that had taken place wrapped up and put away for another night. Fallon had spent the day taking a drive through the mountainside, trying to resist the pull to come back and seek out the giant-sized mammal currently gazing at her silently; fathomless brown eyes glinting in the lone walkway lights in front of her cabin. It wasn’t hard to figure out how he’d found it. All he’d had to do was follow her scent far enough away from the main area of the Lodge and here he was.


“It’s late and I’m getting crankier by the minute, Ransom, what do you want?” She shoved her hands in her back pockets, more so to keep him from noticing the way they trembled. God, what the fuck was wrong with her? A few minutes in his presence and she turned into some pup who hadn’t reached her first heat yet. The fact that he could have that effect, that he could make her crazy without really trying, disturbed everything inside of Fallon’s A-type personality. Control. She had to get some control.

Finally Ransom shifted and sat back, leaning on his elbows as his gaze raked over her. She kept her eyes on his face and his face only because if she allowed them to venture any lower, she’d be lost. Control.

“You’ve been hiding from me.” He accused.

She bit the inside of her cheek. “I don’t hide from anybody at any time.”

His head cocked a bit. “And yet, you’ve been scurrying off every day, away from me and everyone else, like a hare that knows it’s being watched by a fox.”

Her eyes narrowed on him. “And I take it you’re the fox?”

Ransom’s smile was…feral. It sent a shudder down her spine that had nothing to do with fear or revulsion. The walls of her sex clenched and she barely stopped herself from letting out a startled yip when he suddenly stood and her eyes caught sight of the effortless beauty his body held. There were so many scars along with what looked to be tattooed paw marks that stretched from his left hip all the way up his hard bricked torso and across his chest just to stop at his right pec. Every part of him was tan and strong.

He wasn’t bulky but he wasn’t slim either. She couldn’t even describe him as having a linebacker’s body. There was muscle stacked on top of muscle but so proportionate that it didn’t look unnaturally formed.

His shoulders were incredibly wide, as was his chest, leading to a defined stomach, cut pelvis, lean hips and huge thighs that ended in well-developed calves and long feet. The man was…perfection. And the tree trunk that lazily hung between his legs? Well that was just…it was unfair. For a brief moment she asked herself who would be brave enough to attempt placing that in any orifice on their body.

Me. I’d do it. I’d go where no sane she-predator has gone before. I’d break him and his giving tree.

Apparently he was more than a little comfortable with his body because he made no attempt to cover it, just came down the stairs and stood before her in all his naked glory.

So should I just bend over now or…? No! No you will not! Get your eyes off his cock! Now! Right now goddammit!

Fallon swallowed, looking away from Ransom’s clear lack of modesty towards the sky. “Nothing even adjacent to a fuck is being given by you right now.”

He snorted. “Do I have something to be ashamed of?”

She tucked her lips in, refusing to answer that.

Ransom stepped closer and moved his head over her own until she looked at him. “Why are you hiding from me?”

“I’m not—”

“Don’t bullshit me.” He cut in before she could finish. “You’ve been on ninja stealth mode for the last three days.”

“Which is your business how?”

His brow quirked just the tiniest bit.

Fallon threw up her hands. “Maybe I haven’t been around because I don’t like you and I’m counting down the days until you’re off my territory.”

He nodded. “Maybe…or maybe you like me too much and you’re trying to bypass the attraction the both of us feel when we’re near one another.”

That hit too close to home. “I don’t even know you.”

Ransom shrugged. “You know enough.”

Taking a step backwards as he took one forward and the scent of tea tree hit her squarely in the face, she gritted out, “What is it that you want from me?”

He stared at her for the longest time. “Do you really want the answer to that question?”


The look he gave her made her incredibly uncomfortable, like my pussy requests permission to borrow your face for a moment uncomfortable. Then he answered, quite simply, “You, Fallon. I want you.”  With one hand he reached out and ran his thumb over her bottom lip and that simple touch alone caused her lids to slide close. “From the moment I saw this mouth all I wanted was you.”

What a Bear Wants is now on Amazon!!! 

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  1. Hi, I came across this book on Amazon (just yesterday, I think – I even added it to Goodreads) and now it doesn't look like it's there anymore! Where can I buy this as an ebook? Thanks

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